Santa but he drinks beer instead of milk

We hired Santa Clause to take photos with you guys all day. Why do the kids get to have all the fun? This is the one time you'll get to see Santa drinking beer instead of milk and he actually prefers that you're a little naughty. From 4-8PM, take a photo or just have a beer with Santa. Just don't tug on his beard! (spoiler alert: it's fake)

What is the Twelve Bars of Christmas?

It's an event on December 11th, 2021 where everyone gets to venture through Savannah's Winter Wonderland as we dress up in our favorite holiday attire and explore the best that Savannah has to offer!

Our famous “Santa’s List” which is a map and scorecard, will lead you on a jolly journey to each destination. You can run, walk, or crawl your way to the finish line (on the sidewalk please). By the end of “The Twelve Bar of Christmas” you will have participated in a 5 kilometer, or 3.1-mile adventure, enjoying delightful drink specials along the way.

But thats not all that's being offered that day. On December 11th, we will be throwing the biggest winter wonderland event of the year! And tickets are going up in price in a couple of days, so be good little boys and girls and get yours today!

Published November 30, 2022
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