How To Party Like A Founding Father?

Greetings fellow patriots,

Are you ready for a 4th of July celebration that would make the founding fathers proud? Look no further than Red, White & Brews, the bar crawl taking over downtown Savannah on July 1st from 4pm-10pm.

But you may be wondering, "how would the founding fathers act during this event?" Well, let me tell you:

  • George Washington would definitely be the designated driver, refusing to drink any alcohol until the crawl is over and all his fellow revolutionaries are safely back home.

  • Thomas Jefferson would be the life of the party, regaling everyone with tales of writing the Declaration of Independence and trying to sneak a sip of his favorite bourbon.

  • Benjamin Franklin would be the one to suggest playing "Founding Father Flip Cup" using pewter cups and a keg of ale.

  • Paul Revere would be the one to lead the group on a "Midnight Ride" from bar to bar, warning everyone of the "British are coming" (aka last call).

  • Betsy Ross would be the one to make sure everyone is decked out in patriotic gear and would be the judge for the "Best Dressed in Red, White & Blue" contest.

So join us on July 1st for a 4th of July celebration fit for the founding fathers. Don't forget to purchase your tickets at and let's party like it's 1776!

Published June 14, 2023
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